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Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Aerial view of the Imintji Camp Ground.
Couple with Caravan at sunset at Vlamingh Head Lighthouse
Couple with 4wd parked at Whalebone Bay campsite within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.
Whalebone Bay Shark Bay - Image: Tourism Western Australia
Car towing a caravan along the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive. Shark bay World Heritage Area.

Welcome to Geraldton Camper Hire!

We are a locally owned and operated company. We hire camper trailers, caravans and camping accessories

Geraldton Camper Hire and Get Hitched Caravan Hire is a WA family owned and run business and we’re here to make your next holiday easy! We are perfectly located out of the big city approximately just 4 hours North of Perth. Our Caravan or Camper hire makes travelling up the West Coast easy.

Start your journey with a relaxing drive on our quiet country roads. Get out of the hustle and bustle of Perth before having to worry about hitching up and towing your camper or van! We have a large variety of campers and caravans from as little as just $70 per day.

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