Soft Floor Camper Trailer

$70 per day

Bond: $500
  • Tow Ball (kg) 100
  • Tare Weight (kg) 780
  • ATM (kg) 1100
  • Under floor water tank plumbed to kitchen
  • Awning over kitchen with annex sides
  • Battery pack with lights and power outlets for fridge and extra lights
  • Integrated step for easy bed access
  • Extra storage with front box in front of bed, ideal for camping fridge

The Follow-Me Off-Road 10 x 9 Foot Tent Camper Trailer is the perfect choice for a couple or small family heading off the beaten track or along the beach.

Setting up this Camper is Simple

Setting up the Follow Me Off Road Camper is very easy and can be completed in around 20-30 Minutes (sometimes less) once you reach your destination. If you are new to camping and camper trailers, don’t be discouraged about the setup process. 

Simply watch this video and you’ll be ready to go in no time!